Write Your Successful Children’s Novel – 12 weeks

with Award-Winning Editor, Imogen Cooper

Write Your Successful Children’s Novel

A comprehensive and interactive short course in writing a successful children’s story.

Created by award-winning editor, Imogen Cooper, this course draws on decades of experience in the publishing industry.

  • 6 hours of live, interactive webinars with Imogen Cooper
  • 30+ short videos from Imogen Cooper
  • Weekly workbook modules
  • Interactive Facebook group and 3 lives with Imogen Cooper.
  • NEW – Exclusive Masterclass with Imogen Cooper.

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This comprehensive and interactive short course in writing a successful children’s novel includes knowledge and time from Imogen’s successful career in the children’s publishing industry covering:

  • themes
  • ​character ​goals and motivations
  • structure
  • the Hero’s Journey
  • subplots
  • antagonism
  • setting and world-building
  • show vs tell
  • dialogue.

This twelve-week course includes:

  • 6 x 1 hour live webinars, in which you will get the chance to ask Imogen questions and discuss your story.
    • Webinars will be recorded for those who can’t make it on the night.
  • 30+ short videos, in which Imogen will show you how to build your novel from the ground up.
  • Twelve workbook modules of advice and exercises, based on Imogen’s many years’ experience in the children’s publishing industry and her time editing hundreds of debut writers.
  • Editorial read from one of our industry editors.
  • Each of Imogen’s modules is on one aspect of writing for children and is filled with:
    • Writing and editing guidance on character, motivation, voice, theme, plot, setting, your target audience etc.
    • Multiple weekly exercises to improve your storytelling craft
    • Children’s publishing industry insights and current tips from Imogen’s discussions with publishers, editors and literary agents
  • A Facebook group in which you can ask Imogen questions about the course, gain support and share your journey with your peers. Includes three Facebook lives with Imogen.
  • Planning for Success downloadable resource. Help with planning deadlines and setting goals.
  • NEW! – As well as Imogen answering questions, giving seminars, and additional Q&As she will also be running a brand NEW masterclass for this group.

Although this course is designed to allow writers to study at their own pace, we would recommend approximately 4-5 hours of study time per week.


You need only three things to apply for this course:

  • A passion for children’s fiction
  • A story idea
  • A willingness to learn how to develop your craft

This course can be paid for in full or in three instalments.

Success Stories

Alumni of Write Your Successful Novel have gone on to sign publishing deals with Penguin Random House, The Chicken House, Usborne, Walker Books and Scholastic UK, amongst others. Numerous writers have also signed contracts with literary agents such as Skylark Literary Agency and The Shaw Agency, to name a few. Click here to learn more about Golden Egg Academy success stories.

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We will use the information you provide to send you newsletters and updates.