The Girl who Broke the Sea

The Girl who Broke the Sea

The Girl who Broke the Sea

Published in 2023

  • Published by Scholastic Fiction

Lily’s emotional problems run deep – three miles deep.

After she gets kicked out of school for her destructive behaviour, Lily agrees to an unusual fresh start: going with her mum to live at Deephaven, an experimental deep-sea mining rig and research station located at the bottom of the ocean. Lily instantly regrets her decision: claustrophobic and isolated, it’s hardly her idea of home.

Turns out, Deephaven has problems of its own. The head scientist, they quickly learn, has disappeared – just as he was on the brink of a shocking discovery. In the darkness of the deep, something is stirring … something dangerous. And it’s calling out to Lily.

 A. Connors

Adam is a former physicist and former child who likes writing stories and building unlikely, poorly thought through gadgets with his sons. He started his career as a physicist, building part of the Large Hadron Collider in CERN. He has also sold encyclopaedias in Chicago, worked for an investment bank, taught physics in Sudan, fitted emergency Wi-Fi in the refugee camps in Greece, and now works as an engineering manager in the Google Research team.

He lives in Hertfordshire with his partner, two sons, and a dog named Rosie.

The Girl Who Broke The Sea

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