Sister to a Star – Eloise Smith

Sister to a Star – Eloise Smith

Sister to a Star

Published in 2022

• Chicken House Books

Evie is forever crossing swords with her twin. While she practises her after-school fencing, Tallulah is winning movie auditions.

Neither of them could have imagined how their worlds would collide, but when Tallulah goes to Hollywood Evie goes too – as her sister’s identical stand-in.

But that changes, when the film needs some all-action sword-play. Soon Evie’s the one enjoying the limelight – that is, until Tallulah goes missing …

Eloise Smith

My mother used to be an English teacher and school librarian. So books are in my blood. I work four days a week in a grown-up job, but for the rest of the time I hide at my exceedingly messy writing desk. I hope one day to move to the mountains, wear pyjamas all day and write full-time.

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