Running Out Of Time

Running Out Of Time

Running out of Time

Published in 2022

  • Published by Nosy Crow

A thrilling, unputdownable debut, with extraordinary twists and incredible action, from an incredible new voice in children’s fiction.

I can steal time.

The most I can take at the moment is fifteen seconds, which is not a lot. Grandmother took almost three minutes once and she told me she’s done more, but I never saw it.

She says there are stories of someone who can take all the time in the world, but how can that be right?

When Alex and his father are forced to flee their home to escape a brutal government, they begin a life-threatening journey across Europe. But when they are separated before they can reach Britain, Alex finds himself alone, with only his extraordinary gift to keep him alive.

Perfect for fans of Alex RiderArtemis Fowl, and InceptionRunning out of Time is an ingenious, high-concept thriller with a twist that you won’t believe.

Simon Fox

Running out of time

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