Published in 2014

• Hot Key Books
• Kate Shaw, The Shaw Agency
• Nominated for the Carnegie Medal 2016

Seventeen-year-old Christy knows that life is a set of rules, and rules are inherent to survival. The rules of Land decide what colour clothes you must wear. What job you must do. How much food you can eat. Where you can live. How long you can live for. Rules are not there to be broken. Not in Land. So when an unexpected path is laid out for Christy, she quickly realises that taking it will have extreme repercussions.

Alex Campbell

Alex Campbell announced she was going to be a writer at eight years old. But no one took much notice. Now, living near Bath with one husband, two children and an armful of untold stories, Alex’s eight-year-old self’s ambition has finally been realised with the publication of her debut novel, LAND.

Land Alex Campbell

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