Joe’s Jungle Hair

Joe’s Jungle Hair

Joe’s Jungle Hair

Published in 2020

• Pegasus
• Illustrated by Jon Cooper

Joe’s hair is getting out of control. When his parents say it must be cut, Joe escapes and causes mayhem wherever he goes. Can Joe survive with his hair intact? Will he be able to put right all the damage he causes along the way? Join Joe on his madcap adventure, but beware…you may get tangled up in his tale!

Paul Aldridge

Although late to children’s writing Paul has fully embraced the large slice of silliness required to write for this incredible age group. His interest began whilst reading to his own son in a darkened room at bedtime
after a long tiring day. Motivated by the books he narrated, he became inspired to write for myself and hasn’t looked back since. He loves the positive impact they can have on a child’s imagination and brings real
enthusiasm into his storytelling. Now, he has the pleasure of bringing the tale of Joe’s Jungle Hair to you. Enjoy!

Joe'sJungle Hair

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