How to Spot a Mum

How to Spot a Mum

How to Spot a Mum

Published in 2021

  • Published by Wide Eyed Books
  • Agented by Megan Carroll, Watson, Little Ltd
  • Illustrated by Aura Lewis

How to Spot a Mum is a tongue-in-cheek tribute and ode to all mums, everywhere. Young readers and parents alike can learn all about mums, from what they are (super-humans!), to some of the special skills they have, including detecting fibs, solving mysteries and conflict resolution.

Donna Amey Bhatt

Donna lives in East London and writes both fiction and non-fiction books for children. She writes the kind of things she loves reading; funny stories, books about people completely different to her, and collections of facts that can be used later to impress both friends and strangers at any social occasion. She loves brave children’s books, and characters with an edge. Donna writes both on her own, and with her husband Vikesh.

How to Spot Mom Donna Amey Bhatt

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