Gangster School

Gangster School

The Switching Hour

Published in 2017

• Piper Verlag (Germany)
• ZunTold (UK, 2018)
• Uitgeverij (Holland, 2018)
• Ben Illis, The Ben Illis Agency

Gangster School is brimming with villainy, gadgets and giggles. Never mind Hogwarts, if my letter from Blaggard’s doesn’t arrive soon I’m going to forge one myself.
Tamsyn Murray, author of COMPLETE CASSIDY

Kate Wiseman

Kate spent a long time trying to avoid the inevitable truth that all she wanted to do was write. After sampling various other jobs, including university library assistant, promotions organiser and mopper-up of sick in a nursery, she finally went to Chichester University, gaining a First in English and Creative Writing. A Masters in English Literature followed swiftly and it was only then that she felt ready to confront her dream of writing for children.

Gangster School

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