Blue Planet II

Blue Planet II

Blue Planet II

Published in 2020

• Puffin Books
• Illustrated by Emily Dove
• Mandy Suhr, Miles Stott Children’s Literary Agency

With a foreword from David Attenborough.

Unlike billions of other worlds in the Milky Way, 71 per cent of our Blue Planet is covered by ocean. It’s home to the greatest diversity of life on Earth but is our least explored habitat; we’ve better maps of Mars than of the ocean floor.

In collaboration with BBC Earth, this illustrated non-fiction book captures the wonder, beauty, and emotion of the iconic BBC Blue Planet II TV series.

Leisa Stewart-Sharpe

Leisa is a trained journalist turned children’s author, who writes stunning non-fiction and quirky picture books. She is passionate about the natural world and fascinated by its strange and wonderful creatures, many of whom form the basis of her stories.

Leisa Stewart-Sharpe Blue Planet II

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