Big Honk VIPs

Big Honk VIPs

Well, eggers, the Big Honk is nearly upon us and I just thought I’d write a few words about egg etiquette and the programme of the party. Very exciting!

I am delighted to say we have an array of wonderful, influential, industry VIPs for you to socialise and converse with for a few fine hours in the illustrious surroundings of the glittering Savile Club. The operative words here are ‘socialise’ and ‘converse’. Don’t pin VIPs down and pitch to them – unless they ask about your book of course!

So, everyone in attendance will have a name badge and, like the SCBWI conferences etc, on that will also be the person’s occupation. In your case, for the purpose of the evening, that will be ‘Golden Egg Writer’. So, number one, you will know if you’re talking to an agent, publisher or editor and two, they will know they’re talking to a GEA writer of potential interest.

There will be talks from various industry professionals, eggers and authors, so you have something interesting to listen to and something to talk about to break the ice. Abi and I have also put together information on each VIP below.

It will be an evening of gorgeous surroundings, interesting conversation, informative talks, delicious morsels and bubbly drinks. And don’t be scared. The team will all be there to help you feel at home. These functions always terrify me, and I’ve been attending them for many years, so don’t feel you’re the only one! Go out there and make friends, take a risk and chat to someone you’ve never met, because the Children’s publishing industry is really a very friendly club to be in. Enjoy yourselves!



Alan Durant

Alan Durant: author of ‘Burger Boy’, ‘Always and Forever’ and ‘Unfortunately’, to name but a few. Alan is an award winning author for children.

Alex Campbell

Alex Cambell: spotted by Golden Egg, Alex has now published her first book ‘Land’ with Hot Key Books.

Alice Williams

Alice Williams: Alice is an agent who is part of the David Higham Literary Agency and works with authors such as Tamora Pierce.

Amber Caraveo

Amber Caraveo: previously Editorial Director at Orion Children’s Books and Senior Commissioning Editor for Random House Children’s Books, Amber has worked with names such as Chris Ryan and Andy McNab. She has now founded Skylark Literary with Joanna Moult (see info below).

Anne Clark

Anne Clark: after a long literary career as Commissioning Editor for Piccadilly Press and Editorial Director at Hodder Children’s Books, Anne set out on her own to create Anne Clark Literary Agency where she represents – among others – Jason Rohan, Anne Booth and our own egger Anna Mainwaring.

Barry Cunningham

Barry Cunningham: Managing Director of Chicken House and renowned discoverer of J.K.Rowling.

Ben Illis

Ben Illis: Children’s and Young Adult literary agent, Ben founded The BIA (Ben Illis Agency) in 2012. Ben is a good friend of Golden Egg, often attending workshops to give guest talks.

Charlotte Eyre

Charlotte Eyre: currently Children’s Editor at The Bookseller.

Emma Layfield

Emma Layfield: Picture Book Publisher at Hachette Children’s Books, Emma works with authors such as Lauren Child and David Melling.


Gemma Cooper: now working for The Bent Agency, Gemma has had a career as a literary agent both in the UK and abroad. The Bent Agency represent A.G.Howard, T.L.Costa and others.

Hannah Sheppard

Hannah Sheppard: now working with DHH Literary Agents, Hannah previously worked at Macmillan Children’s Books and Headline Publishing Group. Hannah has worked with the likes of Iva Ibbotson, Frank Cottrell Boyce, Judy Bloom and Meg Cabot.

James Mayhew

James Mayhew: perhaps best known for his ‘Katie’ series, James is a hugely successful picture book writer and illustrator. He is often invited to speak at literary festivals and is passionate about storytelling, in all its forms, for children.

Janet Foxley

Janet Foxley: author of popular children’s books ‘Muncle Trogg’, Janet was discovered by Chicken House when she won the Times/Chicken House Children’s Fiction Competition.

Jen Morgan

Jen Morgan: Freelance editor, Jen works with Hachette Children’s Books.

Jenny Glencross

Jenny Glencross: Commissioning Editor for Orion Children’s Books, Jenny has previously worked with other publishing giants Simon & Schuster Children’s Books and Hachette Children’s Books.

Joanna Moult

Joanna Moult: co-founder of Skylark Literary, Joanna has worked with children’s authors Cressida Cowell, Kes Gray and Sophie McKenzie at Hodder Children’s Books and Simon & Schuster Children’s Books.

Julia Churchill

Julia Churchill: having previously worked for Greenhouse Literary Agency and Darley Anderson Literary Agency, Julia now works for A.M.Heath Literary Agents.


Kate Shaw: once Publicity Director at Penguin, Kate now works with The Viney Agency where she represents authors including Holly Smale.

Kirsty McLachlan

Kirsty McLachlan: working with David Godwin Literary Associates, Kirsty represents a number of our eggs including Alex Campbell, Rhian Ivory, Maya Gabrielle and other authors such as Lucy Inglis and Marcus Sedgwick.

Lisa Williamson

Lisa Williamson: now a published Golden Egger, Lisa’s book ‘The Art of Being Normal’ was released with David Fickling Books this month.

Lu Hersey

Lu Hersey: represented by Ben Illis, Lu’s debut novel ‘Deep Water’ is to be published this year by Usborne.

Maya Gabrielle

Maya Gabrielle: represented by Kirsty McLachlan, egger Maya has secured a three book deal with Chicken House and Scholastic US. Her first novel, ‘Battle of the Beetles’ is due spring 2016.

Nicholas Allen

Nicholas Allen: perhaps best known for award winning books ‘The Giant’s Loo Roll’ and ‘The Queen’s Knickers’, Nicholas has written and illustrated over 30 children’s books during his writing career.

Pat Walsh

Pat Walsh: author of best-selling ‘The Crowfield Curse’ and ‘The Crowfield Demon’ published by Chicken House, Pat is an archaeologist turned writer, using her passion for history to fuel her writing.

Penny Holroyde

Penny Holroyde: with the Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency, Penny works with the likes of Julia Donaldson and Debi Gliori.

Rachel Ward

Rachel Ward: best-selling author of the ‘Numbers’ trilogy and ‘The Drowning’, Rachel has been working with Imogen and Chicken House since her writing debut in 2009.

Sarah Hughes

Sarah Hughes: currently Fiction Publishing Director for Egmont UK and previously at Penguin, Sarah has published titles by authors such as Kevin Brooks and Eoin Colfer.

Sophia Bennett

Sophia Bennett: winner of the Times/Chicken House Children’s Fiction Competition, Sophia has gone on to write a number of successful novels including ‘Threads’, ‘The Look’ and ‘You Don’t Know Me’.

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