An Alien in the Jam Factory

An Alien in the Jam Factory

An Alien in the Jam Factory

Published in 2021

• Walker Books
• Kate Shaw, The Shaw Agency
• Illustrated by Jenny Taylor

Hilarious adventure from a talented debut author.


The first book in a hilarious, jam-packed new adventure series starring Scooter the inventor and his top secret alien sidekick. Scooter McLay’s cerebral palsy affects how quickly he can move his body, but his hyper-creative brain is a constant fizz of brilliant ideas. He spends every day inventing top secret recipes and machines for his family’s jam factory. There’s just one thing missing … a pet, to share it all with. Or better still, a friend. When a tiny alien named Fizzbee crashes through the factory window, she might just be the answer. Now it’s all hands on deck, as they team up to save the factory from dastardly neighbour Daffy Dodger.

Chrissie Sains

Chrissie grew up in Essex where she spent much of her childhood pretending that she was Indiana Jones. She has worked as a marketing and events planner, a chalet host, a ski guide and a (pretty rubbish) dry-stone wall builder. She now loves turning the daydreams of her childhood into stories. She is also a member of the SCBWI.

Alien in the Jam Factory

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