Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve completed an MA in creative writing or writing for children. Is Golden Egg Foundations right for me?

Golden Egg Foundations isn’t a course for beginners. Our current intakes include a number of graduates from MAs in writing for children, produced playwrights, TV scriptwriters and published children’s writers – all of whom are finding the course very helpful.

I’m a published adult author. How can Golden Egg help me?

Writing for children is a different discipline to writing for adults. The Foundations syllabus covers the child’s voice and viewpoint, insight into the current children’s market and how to connect with and engage the child reader of today. Our current intakes include produced playwrights, TV scriptwriters and published children’s writers – all of whom are finding the course very helpful. Get in contact, let us know what you’re working on, and we’ll discuss which is the right route for you.

I’ve only been writing for a few months. Am I ready for Golden Egg Foundations?

Whilst most of our students have been writing for at least 18 months, and some students for a lot longer, we are happy to take a look at your pages.

Can I join Work on Your Novel without completing Golden Egg Foundations first?

Whilst we do sometimes accept students directly into Work on Your Novel (and very occasionally directly into Mentoring), we find that most manuscripts – even those that are beautifully written – benefit from the rigorous work carried out on concept and plot during our Foundations year.

Is Golden Egg Foundations only an introduction to children’s writing?

No. The course aims to help writers put the foundations of their story in place ready for the extremely competitive children’s market. The syllabus focuses on refining the story concept as well as strengthening the plot line, conflict, drive and pacing; areas we find can be an issue even with experienced writers.

I don’t have a completed manuscript. Can I apply?

Golden Egg Foundations will suit applicants wanting the structure, teaching and impetus to complete a first draft or a rewrite as well as those wishing to edit a completed draft of their novel. Applicants should have at least 15,000 words of their novel started before the course commences.

I’m thinking of doing an MA. How would a Golden Egg course differ?

Whilst an MA would usually encourage students to explore their writing through preparation of a number of pieces of work, Golden Egg Foundations requires you to focus on a single manuscript. Golden Egg courses are industry-focused and all have the aim of bringing you a step closer to publication. Rather than exploring new territory, Golden Egg supports you as you finish your draft and/or start the editing journey. You will work with an editor to refine and strengthen the concept and plot line of your work in progress as well as receiving guidance on how to polish your writing and heighten reader engagement.

I’ve been a member of the Golden Egg Academy in the past and have taken a few workshops, but I let my membership lapse. Does Foundations repeat what I’ve already been taught and can I go straight into Work on Your Novel?

Our wings are wide open to former eggs and we’d love to have you back in the Nest. Get in touch, let us know where you’re up to with your writing, and we can take it from there!

If you have any questions that haven’t been answered above, please get in contact with [email protected]